With over 35 years in the advertising industry as an art director and graphic designer, there isn't much I haven't seen or tried. I have worked at large well-known advertising agencies and lesser-known agencies, and had my own advertising agency with over 20 employees. Common to all of them is that they have all taught me a lot about creativity, graphic design, strategy and concept development. Originally I was trained in advertising as an advertising draftsman, and later subsequently received an academic and financial education as "Grafonom" at the Graphic College (DGH).

Today I work primarily freelance and very much online. I design and develop design manuals, websites, promo videos,  video and motion graphic. My speciality is design manuals!


 I realize that anyone can download a vector file logo on the net, but I think a logo should both define the company's DNA and at the same time tell the good story. Of course, a free downloaded logo from the web does not have the same properties, as a tailormade logo!